I've always been a visual person and I've always carried around a camera, but I never considered myself a photographer until now that I've hit my 50s. What is it they say? Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans?  I graduated from Temple University in the late 80s with a degree in Radio, Television and Film and planned on being a videographer and editor. What was so much fun in college was really, really hard work in the real world with crazy demands on my time and my body. I was married and my husband was in medical school AND the Army.  And so my plans changed.  I made the decision to follow a different career path, and I picked up my 35-mm camera as often as possible.  Now, almost 35 years later, my photography is finally my focus!

I'm happiest surrounded by happy people celebrating some of the most amazing moments of their lives, but I'm just as happy digging in the dirt and watching my flowers grow.  No matter where I am?  It's all about the details, the big ones and the little ones.  Let's celebrate your big and little moments together!  I'm a natural light family photographer who loves high school senior photography, food photography, flower photography, babies, animals, couples, events, well ok, I love it all!!!