It's all about you!

Every single photo shoot is unique.  Every smile is a gift and the more laughing we do the happier I am!  Think about what you truly want to capture and let's get together and make it happen!  My favorite shoot is your shoot, your smile and your moments.  I'm just here to help you make your dreams come true!  

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Family: A group of people who genuinely love, trust, care about, and look out for each other...also known as one of my favorite types of photo shoots!  Big families, little families, sisters, best friends, engagements, maternity shoots, proposals!  I love to work with people who love to be around one another!  Family shoots are for groups, big or small, who want to freeze time, share laughs and big smiles!  These are the photos you hang on your wall and say "Remember how much fun that day was?"  Yeah, I want to capture those moments with you!  


"Me" Sessions 

"Me" sessions are about YOU.  Singular, fabulous, daring and brave YOU!  These sessions are perfect for a newborn shoot, high school or college senior, a groom's gift boudoir session or as a pick-me up to remind yourself just how amazing you are.  I've done so many of these sessions for all of these reasons and more.  This is a more individualized shoot with a lot more freedom and time to focus on the important stuff...YOU.  So bring your biggest smile and let's get to it!  

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Weddings & Events

No matter what sort of "big day" you're planning I'd love to be a part of it!  I love small, intimate weddings and big weddings with lots of loving guests!  It's the energy and the love and the thoughtfulness of these moments that get me right in the feels.  But it's not just about weddings!  If you're celebrating an anniversary or having a big family gathering you can count me in!  Corporate events, product launches, or business parties?  Definitely!  Let's talk about your big day, no matter what sort of big day it is!